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Thoughts. Emotional Mycelium | A sense of safety in the pandemic.

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

The emotional mycelium that binds and nourishes societal confidence and expression, has been weakened of late. Perhaps by the belief that emotional safety now rests in the disconnected hands of society writ large, (and not family or community), which, is now guided by those we charge to govern us.

The degree to which this is the case in the mind of each individual, is reflected in the quantum of anxiety being shared between people when we are together, physically or digitally.

Those that absorb the projective intrusions of the state suffer greatly and wish to rid themselves of this often foreign, persecutory fear. Those who are less exposed to this governing voice, generally suffer less.

Our once healthy and reliable social mycelium is attacked by those suffering and least equipped to experience projective identification.

Virtue signalling & judgement of 'the other', is the symptom.


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